Cru Uncorked

Sommelier Showdown Dinner Janine vs. Anthony

June 13, 2023

Episode one of Sommelier Showdown for Cru

Showdown time!  Whose pairings will reign supreme?  

With respect to the iconic Iron Chef series, Cru Uncorked pits their 3 sommeliers into competition to determine our top sommelier. 

Results are 100% determined by the guest voting. Each round will have 4 courses and an aperitif wine.  10 wines total!Cru sommeliers have the opportunity to select from anything in the Cru cellar or any special selections from local distributors to bring home the gold.  Who will win?  All who attend. 

Round 1: Janine vs. Anthony  June 13

Round 2: Chris vs. Anthony July 13

Round 3: Janine vs Chris August 22

CHAMPION'S dinner: October 17


Round 1 Menu: 

Course 1

crab and compressed melon with vanilla essence

Course 2

chicken foie crépinette

Course 3

cumin lamb loin with saffron couscous 

Course 4

artisan cheese selections


6:30pm, $250 per person includes tax and 20% gratuity

Call for reservations

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