Cru Uncorked

David Hinkle Select Tasting

May 28, 2024

Cru Wine Tasting Experience

One of last year's most popular wine dinner stars, David Hinkle, chooses 5 wines for Cru's Tasting night on May 28. While not visiting in person, taste some of his top imports from France in our personalized tasting format.  

Cru wine tastings, now served at your preferred reservation time!

Thank you for all the support and enthusiasm for Cru Uncorked wine events and tastings.  We are excited to announce some changes making it even easier to enjoy the pleasure of a wine tasting at Cru. 

For our schedule of tasting this year, you can enjoy the wine, the added information, and the expertise of our sommelier staff at any time in the evening. Cru offers a full tasting experience at any preferred time on a tasting evening. We look forward to serving the tasting on a table-by-table experience.

Wine tasting is more fun as a group activity, we suggest tables enjoy the full tasting experience together. Simply let us know when making a reservation, and we will ensure the tasting experience is ready to go when you arrive. 5 tasting portions served, petit appetizer matched with the 5 wines, our sommelier’s breakdown booklet with tasting notes and the opportunity to buy some limited selections for your cellar.

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