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David Shiverick Wine Dinner

February 29, 2024

Wine dinner with one of the top importers in the United States


Founder & President, Shiverick Imports


“Great wine is like a great person, you may not like the wine or the person, but you can recognize their greatness.” -David Shiverick


David Shiverick is a foremost wine expert in the United States, renowned throughout Europe for his expertise in old world wines. David’s wine portfolio reads as one of the most prestigious wine books in the industry, offering premiere wines from France, Italy, Portugal, Austria and Germany.


David was an early champion of authentic wine, and pioneered the search and discovery of ancestral vineyards making magnificent natural wine. Each wine, winemaker or estate must have history, a story, and a commitment to natural methods of production – no aggression or manipulation of the product. Once found, Shiverick builds a market for each individual wine – which he has continued to successfully do throughout his 30-plus years of devotion to wine. It is his hope that the producers he discovers today, can endeavor to be around in 500 years, and beyond.


His career has included many milestones, such as partaking in the creation of the wine auction division at Christies in NYC, becoming a leading expert on pairing wines with specific foods, and owning the Domaine de la Trompetaire vineyard in Maury, France which produces his own highly-acclaimed Fin De Folie wines.


Growing up in Cleveland, Ohio in an epicurean family with a love of wine and its relationship to good food, David developed an early intrigue in varieties of wine and the process by which it is made. Studying geology in college only intensified his respect for the character inherent to all things growing from the layers of the earth. Travelling through Europe during the late '70s, exploring and connecting the dots, translated into a lifelong love affair with the vine and how it reflects its home.


David is an experienced fiddle player, a student of history, and a master storyteller - engaging listeners and making them laugh with his offbeat, acerbic wit, and seemingly impossible tales.  He is an honorable member of La Confrérie du Vin de Cahors, La Commanderie de Bordeaux, Cavalieri di Bacco, and an officer of La Confrérie des Chevaliers du Tastevin.


$300 per guest includes tax and 20% gratuity

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