Cru Uncorked

Hundred Acre

April 11, 2024

Cult wines presented by National Sales Manager, Nick Literski

Sold Out

Jayson Woodbridge hit the Napa Wine Scene like an act of God. Shaking, burning and infusing a mercurial rock and roll spirit into the production of these sought after wines assures him a place in Napa's rich history. 

The wines coming from Hundred Acre stand among the greatest caberenets produced in any vintage. State of the art "air conditioning" mist machines in vineyards protect the vines for perfect slow ripening. Careful selection of vineyards and countless single block selections are artfully blended by the self-taught vignerion. 

While delicious on release, the wines of Hundred Acre are designed for the long haul with lives of at least 30-50 years. Having the patience to wait is one thing, being able to find these wines is quite another matter. 

National Sales Manager, Nick Literski returns with his swashbuckling style to unload some of the Hundred Acre treasure in Cleveland.  This is a rare opportunity to acquire some of the rarest selections to come out of California. 

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6:30 pm

$525 per guest inclusive of tax and 20% gratuity

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